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Visiting : How Long Should you Stay to Savour the Sights?

A lot of travelers on a British tour usually consider Bath as a mere jump-off point from London to Glastonbury, Avebury, or Bristol. But Bath is a tourist destination on its own, with its many charming sights and world-class attractions. It’s that great breathing space you would want to have after being exposed to the hustle and bustle of city life that is London.

But how long should you stay in Bath to enjoy it in all its glory? Would a one-day or two-day visit suffice? In this article, we are giving you more reasons to stay longer (3 days to a week, or even more) and look at Bath as more than just a weekend getaway. Read on.

Bath city

Bath Hotels Offer More Than Just a Comfy Stay

One of Bath’s greatest allures is the quality of its accommodation facilities. No matter how long you decide to stay, there is no need to worry, really, because Bath city centre hotels are more than happy to host you. And they offer more than just a comfortable place to be your home away from home while you are on vacation.

Bath hotels range from boutique bed and breakfasts to luxurious spa retreats. You are bound to find what you need – whether it is central location, affordable price, homey ambiance, beautiful surroundings, top quality food, or a rejuvenating escape. The most attractive for most travelers are those fabulous hotels that are equipped with spa facilities. We can’t blame them. The opportunity to get a sweet escape where you will be showered with spa treatments and massages against a scenic background is simply irresistible.

Bath Allows you to Step Back in Time Through Its Major Attractions

There are two important experiences you cannot miss when visiting Bath: the Roman Baths and the Jane Austen Centre. The former is, of course, the world-renowned historic site that will take you back at least 2000 years into the past and the latter is all about a famous English novelist with published works that were turned into movies and TV series.

The Roman Baths is a World Heritage Site, with its well preserved structures of the ancient world’s spas. It is mostly the reason people come to Bath and why not? The majestic structures inside and out are breath-taking, from the thermal springs to the ruins of Goddess Sulis Minerva’s Temple to its vast museum collection.

The Jane Austen Centre is a different experience altogether from the Roman Baths. It will also take you back in time. Only, you are going to walk through what Jane Austen’s life in Bath must have been like, between 1801 and 1806 when she decided to retire and move to what was then a thriving spa city. A visit immerses one into experiencing the author’s life as well as her books.

You can stay in Bath for as long as you want to enjoy living in the wonderful Roman and Georgian periods. There are fantastic places to stay and even more fantastic attractions to explore and discover. A day or two may not be enough if you want a deep understanding or appreciation of this gorgeous city in the Avon Valley.

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