Pointers on Providing the Best Corporate Event Dinner Service

Food is the mainstay of any event out there, whether it is there to simply whet the appetite of the guests or it’s the star of the show itself. If you are the one organizing the dinner, you must make it a point that the food and service must be of the best quality so as not to affect the mood, regardless of the theme. If it is going to be a formal event, then here are some suggestions to help you pull this off:

Guest Seating and Venue

Seating your guests and making them ready to be served should never be forgotten. During the planning stages, you need to make a system where you can easily distribute guests among the available tables. It can be a number scheme or a list. You can either put the table number on the invitation or guide your guests to their tables as soon as they arrive. The staff in the venue of your event in Manhattan, New York should be able to assist you as needed.



While these items are present mostly for the guests to snack on over the course of the event, it does not mean that you will be cutting corners here. The appetizers have to be delicious and succulent but not too filling to ensure that the guests will still have some room left to spare for the main course. You can opt for the classic options such as meat platters coupled with dipping sauces such as cheese and tomato. For other choices, you can talk to the people in charge of the catering service.


These are the main dishes that your guests will have for the rest of the evening, so you need to make sure that these are up to par with their tastes. Since this is a formal dinner, the food served must be more sophisticated than the common party fare such as pizza. Common items served are soups. The main courses are usually either fish or meat or a combination of both.


What many organizers tend to overlook during the preparations are the drinks they will be offering during the dinner. While ordinary soda can pass in a casual setting, the wrong beverage can affect the food that is typically served in a formal dinner. Coordinate with your staff and the caterers to get the best possible drinks for the event. You can use wine, but the staff should know which kind of wine to serve to better fit the meal that the guests are currently having.

Formal dinners have a set pattern that you need to observe and adhere to. This does not mean that you cannot achieve your goal despite these constraints. Work on improving certain aspects of it for a better experience. You can even throw in little surprises here and there such as a completely different way of preparing a common staple like beef. As long as you stick to the rules and focus on your event, you should be able to give your guests a night to remember.

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