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Children’s Party: How to Throw an Age-Appropriate One

The good thing about the online age is that you can make things in a rush most of the time. These include, of course, last-minute party additions. In less than two days and with the simple click of a button, you can get fancy silverware (at a relatively low price, mind you), streamers, toy giveaways, party hats, and a custom cake design online.

Organizing a children’s birthday party isn’t as hectic or expensive as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean that you can belittle the work that comes with it. Standards might have been raised over time as well. You want a child-friendly, age-appropriate design that’s fun and stylish enough for adult visitors to appreciate. Here are the things you need to consider when organizing a children’s party according to age:

Beginning (ages three and below)

For babies and toddlers less than four years old, the party is more for the adults than anything else. However, the baby should still be the center of attention and the receiver of gifts. Keep the gifts and decorations cozy and soft. The cake is usually served for the adults, not for the children, although kids at the age of two or three generally have sweet teeth and would consider a good old chocolate cake a wonderful treat.

Preschoolers (ages four to six)

A preschool-aged child is generally easy to please. Take note of the child’s likes: if they love Dora the Explorer or Minecraft, for example. Take this as a starting point, something you can use for a theme. If you do not know what to choose, you can ask the child what they might like. It’s also advisable to keep things as gender-neutral as possible, which means giveaways appropriate for both boys and girls.

Elementary Years (ages seven to ten)

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The older the child, the greater the demands. Seven to eleven-year-olds are the “playing” age. It means that some of them are too old for mascots, but most are young enough for playground or soft play place parties. At this age, it is reasonable to see them using their imagination instead of simple toys or playing with more complicated toys and gadgets.

Whether they like K-pop or are crazy about Frozen, it’s best to get to know the child beforehand and make their interest a theme. If not, look for an activity that they can enjoy. They can decorate pop cakes, hold parties in museums, enjoy magic shows, or have pool parties. Since there are more activities, be wary of their safety, too. Accidents or arguments can happen.

On the Cusp of Growing Up (ages 12 to 15)

Preteens and young teens are tricky. It’ll be embarrassing for them to have parties with streamers, clowns, or magicians. In their case, thematic parties are a must. If your teenager is obsessed with rock music, have a rock-themed night. If they are into Korean dramas or anime, find out which shows they specifically like and pick one or a combination to use as a theme. Find out their favorite genre and make a playlist out of it. Music is also a must. Try to give them as little adult supervision as possible, but be careful so that no one will bring or do anything appropriate.

Parties can be tricky, but they need not be if you know the child well. Do research, and keep a list of sites in handy that would offer you excellent deals, deliveries, and tips. This way, you can adequately prepare for your child’s birthday.

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