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How to Enjoy a Stress-free Dining Experience with Your Kids

When it comes to mealtime, nothing beats your mom’s, grandma’s, or even your home cooking. You get to see what goes into your family’s mouth, especially if you prepared your family’s meal. But sometimes, dining out at your favourite restaurant isn’t bad at all. You can try a modern Chinese restaurant in Singapore and other food establishments nearby for a change once in a while.

Dining out can be an excellent way to enjoy good food and the company of your friends and family. But for some families with small children, eating out means a potential nightmare. If you are parents of babies and toddlers, you know it all too well. The last thing you want to happen is your little one throwing food all over the place while crying their lungs out because they don’t like the food.

Dining out with kids without losing your mind

Taking a small child to the restaurant is no walk in the park. You will need a lot of patience and tons of planning for a successful dining experience. Babies and toddlers can be very unpredictable. One moment they behave, then they will sprawl on the floor and drive you nuts moments later.

However, this doesn’t mean you will bar your kid from entering any restaurant to avoid a tantrum. Little children might feel uncomfortable and fussy in an unfamiliar place and refuse to eat food that is not prepared at home. The good news is that you can still make dining out a pleasant and fun experience, especially for your little ones. Here are some pointers for an enjoyable dining experience with your children:

1. Choose a family-friendly establishment.

Family eating

If you are planning to eat in a fancy restaurant serving steaks and wine with your kids, please don’t. Your little one might be bored by the restaurant’s ambiance (dim lights and jazz music won’t appeal to youngsters). Look for a restaurant that has high chairs, pops of colour, and artsy designs.

2. Don’t take your child out to eat during his/her nap time.

This is a no-no, or your child will end up cranky and even make a scene in the restaurant. Of course, you do not want to scold your child within earshot of other diners who are just there to enjoy their food. Perhaps you can order a take-out meal or head to the drive-thru instead.

3. Bring your “tools of the trade” in this situation.

Some parents bring gadgets to prevent their children from getting bored. If you are into a gadget-free dinner, you can bring other items that will help soothe the child’s boredom and over-curiosity. It can be his or her favourite toy, a blanket, or even candies to keep them from ruining your dining experience.

4. Let them eat first.

There might be instances when a child might not like the food served in the restaurant. To be sure, you can feed them a light snack or meal at home and order them dessert or finger food that might suit their taste.

Dining out should be a fun and fulfilling gastronomical experience as long as your toddler does not act up. These pointers will help you prevent tantrums and enjoy the overall dining experience.

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