Five Reasons It’s Great for Families to Take a Staycation

Mini-vacations are essential to your physical and mental health. The everyday stresses of living in the city, working an eight-hour shift (or sometimes, more), running errands, paying the bills, and taking care of the family are enough to drive a normal person crazy. While long vacations out of the state or country are what we all crave for, this isn’t usually possible. What is more possible is for families to have a staycation, which essentially means that you’re staying near home or nearby.

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Easier Kind of Travel

It is challenging to travel to a different country when you’re toting around the kids and the whole gang. Can you imagine booking for all of you and finding accommodation that will fit everyone’s nuances? You guys are the bomb. A staycation reduces the stress of having to find flights and hotels. It allows the family to focus on just having fun instead of getting everyone to the boarding gate in one piece.

You Don’t Need to Take a Leave from Work

The cruel reality of life is that even when you just want to take a vacation, you need permission from your boss. If you are in the middle of completing a project, good luck trying to make your boss say yes to your request. A staycation won’t require a full week off from work. You can choose any of the long weekend holidays on the work calendar and use that time to bond with the family. How about Labor Day weekend? Sounds good, right?

It’s Easy to Bring Everyone Together

Yours and your spouse’s work schedule may not jive together when you’re planning a vacation. If you’re taking the kids, they’ll only be available on weekends as they have school and other activities. If you’re inviting your extended family—grandparents and uncles and aunts—that’s even a bigger problem. How are you all going to find the time? As mentioned above, a long weekend is the only solution to get everyone together in one resort.

It Saves Money

Out-of-the-country vacations are more expensive. With a staycation, you don’t need to pay extra for plane tickets and gas. You need to also buy foreign food when you’re staying out of the country. As a result, you will have to spend more money. A staycation is not only cheaper, but it also helps the local economy by keeping your money in-state.

You Are Allowed to Bring Pets

Family vacation with pet dog

Most Airbnb and local hotels will allow you to bring your pets for a fee. You won’t need to leave your furry friend to a kennel or ask a friend to adopt them for a week. It won’t break your heart, too, to have to leave them behind while the rest of the family have fun.

Medical experts agree that burnout is already a condition. That’s why it’s recommended for families to prioritize vacationing together so that they can recuperate from the exhausting routine of everyday life. Take a staycation as regular as you can. They are good for your physical health and for strengthening the bond of the whole family.

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