The Fascinating History of Cheese

Cheesemaking has been in practice for at least 10,000 years. After our ancestors domesticated goats, cows, and sheep, the history of cheese started. Nowadays, the cheese produced in the United States alone has reached up to 13 billion pounds annually, according to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. Additionally, per capita, cheese consumption has hit 39 pounds a year.

Be it any type of cheese from your local cheese shop in Wisconsin (brie, cheddar, Swiss, gouda, blue, etc.) cheese is a favorite to many. It contains many proteins and vitamins and has many other health benefits. Unfortunately, many commercial kinds of cheese contain additives, preservatives, and artificial colors. Fortunately, you can enjoy homemade cheese.

Notably, the increase in cheese consumption is largely driven by the rise of organic cheese. So what are the benefits of making your own cheese at home?

You control the ingredients

Store-bought cheese is not only delicious but also convenient. Unfortunately, it also has sugar, refined salt, and other additives. Making your own cheese allows you to make sure that only the best ingredients go into the cheese. You get to choose the quality and freshness of the milk, the amount of cream, and whatever delicious flavor you want to add. Infused herbs, spices, and fruits are some of the many options that you can add to homemade cheese.

Homemade cheese is more affordable than commercial cheese

You need a few basic supplies and ingredients to make cheese at home: a large pot, a measuring spoon, a skimmer, a basic thermometer, a cheesecloth, and more. On average, the cost of making cheese at home is about half of the price of buying it in a supermarket. For instance, a one-pound store-bought mozzarella ball will cost around $5.00. A homemade mozzarella ball, on the other hand, will only add up to an approximate $2.40.

Cheesemaking is a skill

cheese sandwich

Let’s face it: We all crave the bragging rights that come along with pulling off a difficult culinary maneuver. Making cheese is a true art. It is a fulfilling skill that can add dimension to anyone’s cooking repertoire. Once you have the basic ingredients and supplies at home, the possibilities are endless. Tons of simple recipes available on the Internet can help you start.

Homemade cheese is the perfect gift

Homemade cheese is not only appreciated as a luxury at Christmas get-togethers. It is also a great and thoughtful gift to your friends and family, regardless of the occasion. A personal gift of homemade cheese will always be a hit during a potluck or party.

Cheese is produced throughout the world, with the earliest evidence of cheesemaking dating back far before recorded history. It might have been discovered accidentally through the practice of storing milk in the stomachs of animals, which were used as containers.

In America, cheese has been produced since the 17th century. Unfortunately, as demand increases, preservatives are added into the production of supermarket cheeses. Homemade cheese is easy to make, and it can easily become a boon to your cooking repertoire.

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