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Your Fairytale Wedding in a French Chateau

As a little girl, you once dreamed of getting married in a castle. Your mind wandered to your lace gown, caressing the marble floor of the ballroom. Everyone you know is dancing all evening. When the midnight comes, you share a kiss with your groom on the vast garden, the wind mildly blowing your hair and his. And to mark your happily ever after, a set of fireworks lights up the sky as the music goes on.

Fairytales rarely work for adults. Life trained your mind to be grounded in reality. You start to think of matters bigger than yourself. You think that fireworks are beautiful, yet you’re torn from having one on your big day because you know it’s not good for the environment. You think that a wedding in a castle should remain inside a child’s imagination.

A wedding in an architectural wonder like a castle is not uncalled for. It is entirely possible. However, if you think a castle is too big and cold, yet you want to retain its grandeur while having the intimacy of a wedding, a chateau is your best bet. You don’t have to stress over the event as French chateau wedding packages are offered to cover your big day.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are the other reasons why a chateau is the perfect setting for your big day:

It serves as a vacation for you, your groom, and your loved ones.

Logistics-wise, having your guests in one venue is easier for preparation and coordination. You and your guests have the option to stay in the chateau one day before the wedding. Your friends and family can savour the luxurious yet relaxing atmosphere of the indoor and outdoor parts of the property. Scheduling a tour in the nearby city or village is an excellent way to immerse in the locality.

If you prefer to stay in the chateau, there are activities for kids and adults which you can do in the property. It will help your guests bond with each other, making your wedding reception extra fun and memorable.

It’s where your love story merges with history and royalty.

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Your wedding will be included on the list of all the momentous celebrations that was held within the walls of the chateau since it was erected. Dine where the royals did and relish the meals created by your private chef. Take your morning tea by the garden just like a Marquise did. It’s the amalgamation of old-world charm and modern comforts—a royal way to celebrate your nuptials.

It sets a timeless affair for a love that’s everlasting.

The chateauesque architecture serves as a timeless backdrop to a monumental point in your love story. The historic grandeur of the bygone era is reminiscent of the fairytales you read as a child, giving you both the illusion and reality of your dream finally coming true.

Imagine your love story reaching another milestone in a French chateau. You and your loved ones will be staying in the many suites of the property. Champagne will surely flow to welcome your guests, and like the true lady of the house, you’ll wait for them on the terrace while overlooking the vast garden where your wedding will take place the following day.

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