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Travel Budget Mistakes That Burn Through Your Wallet

We can’t wait for all the different travel destinations and plans people are working up to explore these next few months, and while some would argue that health restrictions and safety guidelines still dampen the fun, we believe that getting to travel again and having more options is a blessing itself! For example, Singapore just expanded its vaccinated travel lanes, and if this economic rebound and positive trend continue until the end of 2021, we will have plenty of countries to explore by the start of 2022.

However, if there’s one thing we can’t help but worry about, then it’s the travel budget situation, specifically if people still remember the know-how’s around keeping their spending lean and avoiding budget mistakes that compromise your cash reserves while abroad. So, to help bring everyone back up to speed and save you from the horrors of not having enough budget left for the ticket flight back home, we’ll be going over some of the most common mistakes that can make travel budgets squirm.

#1 Restaurants Are Great, But They Can Make Your Wallet Buckle

Look, we understand the appeal of eating out and visiting many restaurants every night during your travels because nothing quite compares to trying the fine cuisines of different cultures and countries. However, all that money you spend eating out and trying all sorts of five-star meals will inevitably bite you in the back because food like that doesn’t come cheap.

So, before you double down on that fancy dinner with a few new friends you met at the lounge, please reconsider the idea of making the food yourself instead. Plus, if you’re going on a travel route to see the different sights and landmarks, you will be much better off preparing your snacks, lunches, and making your own coffee because the stores travel guides tend to take you to will have their prices jacked up for tourists.

#2 Avoid Following The Herd During Travel Seasons

Travel planning and preparation stages are where you can save a lot of money before even landing touchdown at your travel destination, and the one thing you should avoid at all costs is booking a flight when travel season is at its peak. You see, the closer that flight schedule comes and knowing the increasing demand for seats, airline prices will go up in proportion and taking away any sense of finding a bargain deal.

So, if you’re planning to travel soon, we strongly suggest that you start surfing through the web for discounts, coupons, and travel deals much later into 2022 for those bargain prices and early seats. Plus, in doing so, you’ll have a lot more time to save up and extend your travel budget to get the most out of your itinerary and experiences.

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#3 If Public Transport Isn’t An Option, Then Walking It Shall Be

Sure, there’s nothing inherently wrong with private transport options or even renting out a car for yourself, but if you want to cut back on the spending and immerse yourself with the destination, public transportation is easily the most affordable way to go. And if you’ve got Google Maps and the locals to help show you around, you’ll have zero trouble getting to where you want to visit and find the best places to take pictures.

Furthermore, if public transportation doesn’t offer much in terms of your travel route, we recommend taking the opportunity to walk around and put those legs to work in a different country. You’ll be surprised at the many other tourists you can meet when on foot, and you might even just make a few more friends that will invite you along with their plans for the following day.

Of Course, You Should Also Maximize Deals

Likewise, when it comes to travel budgets and expenses, you can’t just avoid travel budget mistakes but also go for smart spending and investing your money in the right experiences to make the most of what you have in front of you. So, that means you should steer clear of tourist traps and overpriced souvenirs, keeping a close eye on stuff that will make your travels all the more enjoyable.

  • Look For A Travel Buddy: While flying solo and visiting different countries by yourself is an irreplaceable experience, having a travel buddy by your side can help calm the nerves and also save you a lot more money too. You see, plenty of affordable winter vacations and flight discounts usually come in bundles, meaning you’ll need a second backpacker willing to travel with you. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have someone keep you accountable for your spending as well.
  • Explore Free Activities: People often end up believing that traveling and going to different places is a money sink, but, in reality, there are plenty of free activities you can explore if you look in the right places. For example, you could try hiking, setting up a picnic in the park, or maybe even listening to some local music. In fact, a quick Google search for “free events near you” will come up with plenty of results to try.

Good Travel Destinations Shouldn’t Break The Bank!

Overall, we believe that traveling shouldn’t be held back by money matters, and with travel destinations now opening up, it’s time we familiarize ourselves with the budget mistakes that can mess up an otherwise fantastic experience. So, before you board that plane and explore the different sights, don’t forget to go over the tips one more time.

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