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The Importance of Belonging to a Community

How does a community help make a person happier? Most high school and college students will choose many friends over a few. They want a huge circle of friends because it makes them popular, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It makes them think that doing so gives them a sense of belongingness, but things can change as people get older. Others will still want to make as many friends because that’s their personality, but some would rather want a more meaningful connection with a few select people. If you’re the latter and want to look for a community (or are already part of one), you might want to take note of the following:

A Sense of Belonging

Was there a time in your life when you were standing alone in the middle of the crowd? This can be literal or a feeling. Sometimes, you will feel out of place when you’re standing with others who don’t “get you” at all. These people may mean well, but for you, something is missing. You’re not connecting to them.

To get a sense of belonging, you must feel “at home” with the people you’re with. Not only that, but you should also love the activities you’re joining. A HuffPost article mentioned how one evening became memorable for nine women. Some of these women never met before, but clicked when they talked about life and shared food. They all brought food to the affair, and it played a huge role in a good conversation.

You could say that sharing the same interests with others can start friendships, but that’s only one way because there are still other factors. Some aren’t compatible, but they’re still friends. That’s the beauty of life; you’ll never know when it will surprise you. You can experience the same thing the women in the article did if you join a club membership in your Singapore neighbourhood.

What Are You Willing to Give?

You can’t join a community if you can’t give as well. You’ll give your time, energy, and more when you join a group. It also means adjusting to different personalities. Remember that some people have strong personalities. It’s important to join a safe environment, whether you’re rowdy or laidback.

Most communities have regular events. They celebrate each member’s birthday and have holiday parties. You don’t have to commit to every event, but you should inform the coordinator if you’re not attending.

There’s drama even in a normally quiet group. Be prepared for that and always stay neutral when there are fights. Offer motivational approaches for members who experience difficulties. You should be ready for last-minute calls and requests from new friends. That said, you should know how to say no when you feel it’s too much.

The most important part is to grow with your group. Many people have good intentions, and a good community means well for their members. Learn from your group and share what you have. Let this be a way for you to improve your weaknesses. Putting yourself out there can help you build relationships with others.

What Are You Looking For?

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It doesn’t matter if the members of your community are working from different fields, but having one thing in common like leadership skills is great. You would want to belong to a group where you can grow and develop. The other members would also want that for you. You don’t have to feel guilty if you’re looking for certain criteria. It’s hard to interact when you’re talking to people on a different wavelength. For that, choosing the right community is as important as belonging to one.

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