Solo Female Traveler 101: the Safest Place to Be Is Singapore

There are a lot of great reasons why you need to visit Singapore. There are also a lot of good reasons why you need to be wary about traveling alone. Thankfully, if your destination is Southeast Asia’s most progressive city, that should not be a problem. Singapore, a small city-state considered to be the most expensive country globally, is the safest place to be in if you’re a solo female traveler.

You may wonder, why should you travel alone in these times? Yes, times are more dangerous than before. There are human traffickers and pickpockets in Paris. There are gangs in New York. The world is a dangerous place, but Singapore happens to be one of the safest countries in the world with its low crime rates, transparent legal system, and reliable police force.

Why Should You Travel Alone?

Once in your life, aim to travel alone. You’re going to learn about yourself more than you can imagine. You’re also going to learn about the world around you. Traveling with family and friends confine you within that same unit. You dine and talk with them. You get lost with them. When you travel alone, you will not only rely on your wisdom, but you’re also going to rely on other people.

Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to finally do what you’ve always wanted without seeking approval from everyone else in the group? In a group, you will always encounter someone who doesn’t like to go to a particular tourist site or someone who doesn’t like the restaurant you want to try. Everyone needs to compromise, which can be annoying when you want to experience new things. The best thing about traveling alone is you are not answerable to anyone. Basically, you can save and collect all the amazing food deals you can find on travel websites and social media.

You Will Stand Out, But No So Much

Here’s an amazing thing about Singapore: there are tourists everywhere. This doesn’t mean you are not going to stand out. There’s a good chance people will still look at you if you’re walking alone with a big backpack. However, you are not going to stand out so much that you will feel unsafe. Singaporeans are quite used to seeing tourists among them since it’s a tourist destination.

But also, it is a busy place with a work-hard, play-hard attitude. Singaporeans are so intense about their work, though they do know how to relax after office hours. That’s why it’s such a great place for the solo female traveler. People are respectful of personal boundaries, but they will also help you get where you need to be if you ask for help.

Crimes Against Tourists Are Low


In 2019, the country recorded 179 crime-free days. Imagine having 179 days in your calendar with nary a reported snatching, theft, robbery, or burglary. The streets of Singapore are safe. You can explore beyond the normal tourist sites and walk around dark corners and alleys. You can try hole-in-the-wall restaurants and still feel like you can leave your belongings on your seat (although don’t do that).

Even Singaporeans themselves feel safe in their country. That’s why it’s big news over there if a major crime happens. That’s how safe it is for its citizens and certainly, for solo female tourists, too.

Public Transportation Is Easy

Solo female travelers should always take public transportation when they are in a new destination. Private cars, cabs, and taxis are not the safest transportation modes for women if they are strangers in the place. Although Singapore is a safe place, you should still stick to this rule. And the best thing about it is that public transportation in Singapore has one of the most efficient systems.

The trains connect to everywhere that you don’t need to take the cab. The buses are clean that tourists would joke you can sleep on the floor. Singapore is very strict with its laws that there are only designated places to smoke. You can’t chew gum, and you can’t walk around drunk. Female tourists won’t have to worry about bumping into drunkards on their way to their hotels.

If you want and need to travel alone and you’re a woman, go to Singapore. It has many cultures and has so much more to offer than Universal Studios and the Marina Bay Sands. There’s something about Singapore that will suck you in, making you never want to leave or, at least, go back to it again and again. The fact that it’s one of the safest places in the world makes it all the more appealing.

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