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Proper Food Plating: It’s All About the Presentation

Along with taste and flavor, food presentation is an equally important factor when it comes to the success of any dish. The way in which food is served and presented on the plate or wrapped in packaging is what attracts the eyes and makes you crave for it. Think about it this way. When you look around your room and see how cluttered it looks against when it’s in order, you’ll realize how it gives you different feelings even if it’s the exact same room. The same is true when it comes to food. Food presentation allows us to appreciate various elements of any dish simply by looking at how it’s arranged meticulously on the plate or how it’s packed in its food delivery packaging.

Food presentation may make or break any food establishment. And this isn’t exclusive to businesses alone. Even a simple dinner party may be ruined if food isn’t properly served. So, what exactly makes a good food presentation? How do you identify which element you should focus on when presenting food to your guests? Read on to learn more.

Keep Everything Sparkling Clean

It doesn’t matter how tasty a certain dish is. If it’s served on an unattractive, dirty plate, none of your guests will ever attempt to touch it. Make sure all your tableware is clean.

Match Your Food Presentation to the Occasion

Think about what exactly you’re celebrating. Is it a children’s party? If so, pick fun food presentation options that will make them eat more. A properly arranged food presentation may encourage even the pickiest child to try on something they used to hate. Also, keep in mind that children generally prefer fun plate designs than serious, traditional ones that adults prefer.

Think About the Timing

Most of the time, food presentation has a lot to do with timing. For example, serving your guests a cold fancy dish with expensive ingredients just won’t do the trick if it’s supposed to be served hot. Plating your dish may take some time, so make sure you manage your time well.

Find a Balance Between Variety and Contrast

fries and nuggets presented on top of a blue wooden table

Like any masterpiece, it’s great to be able to create an interesting mix of textures on your plate. While it’s highly recommended to make it as diverse as possible, the way you combine all the various food textures is equally as important. For example, consider garnishing. Some dishes would not look as appealing without proper garnish. They add an interesting pop of color to a plate.

Match the Plate Size With the Portion Size

This is another important element of food presentation. When a plate is noticeably too small for the food portion on it, it would look cluttered and unappealing. In contrast, a small portion of the dish placed on a large plate would look incomplete. Find that nice balance.

Finally, keep in mind this essential rule of food presentation: do not serve hot food items on cold plates. The same is also true the other way around.

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