Odd Things Plumbers Have Found Stuck in Drainpipes

We often take for granted the fact that a kitchen sink is capable of gobbling any item small enough to fit its hole. When we drop something that’s much more solid than food bits, it tends to clog the pipes. It’s the reason many restaurants purchase commercial food strainers to prevent clogging their drains. Unfortunately, most households don’t have these strainers to keep away large items from dropping into the kitchen sink.


Would you believe that the number of false teeth found in UK drainpipes have been so high that the people there have spearheaded a campaign to return some of those dentures to their rightful owners? Yes, that’s right; one water company discovered several false teeth in the drainpipes that they decided to help return them to their owners.

The probable reason behind this is that elderly people forget to put back their false teeth after they brush their remaining teeth and accidentally drop their dentures in the sink. Another probable reason is that they drop it in the bathtub or the toilet bowl while they’re busy showering or doing the deed.

Cat litter

Another thing that plumbers often find in the drainpipes is cat litter. It’s probably because most pet owners think that it’s better to discard cat litter in their toilet bowls than throwing them in the trash. But, what they don’t know is that cat litter tends to solidify when it goes down the drainpipe, clogging it.


Statistics show that nine out of 10 people use a cellphone wherever they are, which is why several car accidents are often caused by motorists using their mobile phones while driving. So, it may not be surprising that plumbers also frequently find cellphones stuck in drainpipes because the same people might be using their phones while in the bathroom.


Fixing pipes

It’s also not surprising that children’s toys are often found diving into the depths of household pipes. From Lego bricks to rubber toys, plumbers across the planet find toys stuck in drainpipes, so much so that they can fill up a toy store. So, please teach your children that before they drain the bathtub, they should make sure that their bath toys are out of the tub.

A badger

This one is a mystery because many drainpipes have been known to have a stuck dead rat in them because these critters are known to travel through the pipes and kick the bucket when the water drowns them. But in Scotland, the plumbers there found a badger that was still alive stuck in the drainpipe.

They were able to remove the badger from the pipes and despite being submerged in the murky water, the little critter was able to survive. The plumbers weren’t able to find out how the animal got in there in the first place, though.

So, these are some of the weird things that get stuck in drainpipes. If you don’t want a live badger making a home in your pipes, make sure to have them checked regularly.

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