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Go on a Culinary Adventure in Singapore

Travel is not just about ticking places off a list; it is also about learning a country or city’s culture and history. One way to discover this is through its food. Singapore is only the size of a typical metropolis, but it has an eclectic mix of cultures because of its Chinese, Malay and Indian population.

When you walk around each district, you will find restaurants that offer Indian, Chinese or Malay dishes. If you want to discover Singapore’s culinary heritage, these are some of the recipes to include on your list.

Hokkien Mee

This dish is a popular hawker delicacy; you can trace its origin all the way back to Fujian in Southern China. Some of the Chinese living in Singapore has roots in that part of China. They have adopted recipes from their home country and have added a distinctly Singaporean taste to it.

This fried dish has some seafood, egg and noodles, add chilli sauce or calamansi to make it tasty.

Chicken Rice

If you are looking for dining deals when you visit Singapore, make sure to include chicken rice. This dish is simple with just chicken, flavoured rice and sauce. Despite its simplicity, chicken rice is one of the most popular things to eat by both locals and visitors.

You can find this dish in hawker stalls or high-end restaurants; the taste varies depending on each establishment. One difference that gives the dish a unique flavour is the sauce used, which can be gingery or spicy.

Char Kway Teow

This dish is another stir-fried delicacy to try while in Singapore. This noodle dish is a local and visitor favourite despite its simplicity. It comes with egg, shrimp paste, soy sauce, some chilli and Chinese sausage. As with many dishes on this list, you can find char kway teow in hawker stalls or higher-priced restaurants.


Singapore food Laksa at Singapore

This dish combines a bit of Malay and Chinese ingredients. This unique dish contains rice noodles, some vegetables and meat, and curry as its primary ingredients. You can find different types from various establishments; these add coconut milk or other ingredients to bring out their spiciness and taste.

Bak Kut Te

Bak kut the literally means “pork bone tea” it is a famous dish throughout the Lion City. The basic ingredients of this are pork, some salt, garlic and some white pepper. You eat it with warm rice and wash it down with a glass or two of tea.


This dish is a contrast of texture and flavour because it mixes sweet and salty taste. You will often find either Chinese or Indian versions of this dish. The Indian one contains fried fritters, vegetables, fruits and with a peanut sauce that is both spicy and sweet.

The Chinese version has some bean sprouts, shrimp paste, guava and some crushed peanuts.

Ice Kacang

If you want to have dessert, look no further than Singapore’s ice kacang. This concoction is the usual shaved ice with toppings and sweet ingredients. This is something you can eat during a hot day or as a reward after exploring the city.

These are just some of the dishes to eat during your visit to Singapore. These display the influence of different cultures present in the country.

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