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Does Your Restaurant Have Everything that You Need?

These days, when you’re planning to open your restaurant, there are many things that you need to consider: contracts, employees, and more. However, one of your biggest concerns should be ensuring that you have a full set of equipment by the time that you open the restaurant. With all that needs to be handled, here is a checklist of what you have to ensure:

Storage Options

One of the first things you should consider is your storage choices for food. Dry storage is needed for items that don’t need refrigeration. Though they don’t need to be cooled down, it will still be better to have them in a cold, dry place. The shelving and cabinets can also stand in as storage for your utensils when not in use.

However, the shelving is not going to be as expensive as the refrigerator. Depending on your needs, you might need multiple cold storage options so that you can be assured that you have the supplies for your customers.

Linen and Smallware

The next thing to get is all the various utensils and cutlery that a restaurant needs. Kitchen tools like pots, pans, knives, strainers, and tongs are just as crucial as the cutlery for the dining area of the restaurant. You’re going to need a large number of plates, spoons, forks, and more. Additionally, whether it is a resin tray or a wooden tray, the important thing is that you have serving trays ready for delivering food to your customers.

Linen is also needed for various purposes. Towels and rags are a necessary part of the kitchen, keeping things clean and dry. They also allow the safe handling of hot dishes and more. Another set of linen is needed for the other parts of your restaurant beyond the kitchen.


The next part you should worry about is how to keep things clean. This usually means providing many hand-washing stations so that your cooks and other staff can ensure that their hands are free from germs. You will also need equipment to clean up the mess made in the restaurant. You should have a separate station for the mop so that it will always have water.

The Line

Full house with some of the customers at the bar

This is where all the work happens. For the line, you’re going to need a grill, a fryer, and an oven. Cooking meals with a complete set of options is always a good idea. Depending on your restaurant’s menu, you might think about focusing on one area or more. For example, if you plan to offer many fried foods, then you will want to have multiple fryers.

In the end, the list above should run you through all the needed tools to get a restaurant running. By the time that you complete it, you should be able to run your restaurant with no problem. If you keep your equipment in good shape and serve tasty food, you should be on the road to profit. You can look for more pointers online if you feel uncertain.

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