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Best Experiences for Students in London

Part of the excitement that comes with studying abroad or in a new city is that there are so many new experiences to immerse in and sights to see. Apart from the university education that you’re paying to get, you have the opportunity to experience a more profound life education right out of your student accommodations in Central London!

Here are some of the best experiences that any student can enjoy in the heart of one of the oldest cities in the world—in one of the few countries without an independence day:

Soak up culture

You can’t be plopped into the middle of a new city without being immersed in a new culture without getting a little bit curious. London certainly has a vibrant history that goes back many centuries. These are all open to be experienced in the many famous landmarks that are all over the city. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London are perfect places to start and are, in fact, trendy tourist destinations in and of themselves.

Find your chill

There are many ways to describe London, and green and tranquil aren’t generally at the top of that list of adjectives. London has a quaint open secret, however, in the form of Kew Gardens. While ostensibly the Royal Botanical Gardens where plants and fungi are understood and preserved, Kew also features a wide expanse of green where one can go to escape from the ordinarily busy and hectic pace of the capital. Trees are aplenty in a range of varieties, the air is cool and fresh, and it’s all open to explore and relax in.

Catch some football

Football game in London

If you share your student accommodation in Central London with a native Londoner, then you know that football is popular in the capital. Several of the most popular clubs in the world have their home stadiums in London. These include Chelsea FC, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham, West Ham United, and Crystal Palace—and those are just the major clubs. Attending a home game is worth it for the sheer energy and electricity that matches generate, and it’s easy to get caught up whether or not you’re a fan yourself.

Hit the clubs

Before you do, make sure to catch that British classic—fish and chips which you can find just about everywhere in London. While The O2 is widely considered one of the most popular entertainment districts in London—with its arena, music club, cinema, and restaurants—it’s not the only one. Pub and club life is very popular in the capital, and they range in all price ranges which is perfect for students on a budget. That makes the city perfect for a night out after a busy day.

London has much to offer regarding experiences and adventures. A student out and about the town will find much to whet their curiosity and need to enjoy themselves. Just make sure that you’re accommodations are well made and comfortable, so you have the perfect base to explore as you study.

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