4 Ways to Kill Boredom in Quarantine

Since lockdowns and travel bans were implemented, most of us suddenly have so much time in our hands. Yet productivity levels go down as laziness, anxiety, and boredom hinder people from using all this free time wisely.

While it can be fun to do nothing during the first few weeks, don’t forget that your mind and body require care and exercise. Here are four activities to keep yourself busy, healthy, and focused during this quarantine.

Finish a book in one sitting

When was the last time you finished a book? Now that you’ve got all this free time, challenge yourself to read a book, cover to cover.

Reading improves memory, expands your vocabulary, and enhances imagination. Books demand attention, which is the perfect antidote to boredom and depression during the lockdown. Besides, there is no rush in reading. Find a comfortable space and allow your mind to relax before you jump into the book. This way, you can fully enjoy the simple pleasure of the reading.

Complete an online course

Just because you’re in the quarantine does not mean you stop learning and being productive. One of the best ways to use all this free time is to complete an online class. The demand for e-learning continues to grow as students of all ages search for a more cost-efficient, convenient, and accessible education.

Since lockdowns began around the world, many prestigious colleges in the U.S., including Harvard and Yale, are offering hundreds of thousands of free and paid online classes. They cover traditional academic subjects like biology, economics, and philosophy. Some offer more creative and specialized courses in graphic design, photography, and web programming. Just like in a traditional classroom setting, you have to pass tests and assignments to receive your certificate. Completing a course and getting a certification will not only expand your knowledge but also look good on your CV.

Learn to cook


Cooking and baking provide entertainment and sustenance during this stressful time. Being at home lets you experiment with complex recipes you normally would not have the time to do. You can try to create delicious baked goods from scratch or replicate dishes from your favorite restaurant. You can even start a food blog to document your cooking journey.

Cooking has therapeutic benefits physically, socially, and mentally. It’s a highly physical activity that requires good overall balance and movement in fingers, wrists, shoulders, and neck. You get to exercise your muscles every time you stir, chop, lift, and cut ingredients. Cooking also encourages creativity and helps you connect with your community every time you share or sell your creations. It is an activity that can make you feel good about yourself and nurture others.

Care for your garden

Spending time in your garden can ease the mind and reduce stress. Spending a couple of minutes outdoors can also provide you with sunshine and Vitamin D. This vitamin aids your body in absorbing calcium, which is important for bone formation. Don’t forget that gardening is a highly physical activity that can help burn calories and improve stamina and flexibility.

Gardening lets you grow your own food, especially in today’s economy, where fresh produce is becoming more expensive. Once you’ve mastered growing vegetables, you can sell the extra harvest to your community and earn some money on the side.

It can be challenging to take up a new hobby or establish a routine at a time like this. But the only way to get through this crisis is to address the needs of your mind and body. Engaging in these activities will keep you productive and give you something to look forward to each day.

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